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6 Must-Watch Teleseries on TFC!

  • 6 Must Watch Teleseries on TFC!

Classical to Hip and Modern Teleseries, only on TFC!

From the classics that capture many hearts of the Filipinos such as “MMK” to brand-new and modern teleseryes like “Magpahanggang Wakas” and “Till I Met You” to all-time-favorite remake such as “Pangako Sa Yo,” there will not be a single day that you will be without all the actions, drama, romance, and life lessons in your favorite teleserye.By subscribing to The Filipino Channel, your life will be filled with all varieties of the essence, and dull won’t be in your dictionary anymore. Doesn’t matter where you are or at what time, just tune in and never missed a single show.Let us take a glimpse on the Top 6 Must-Watch Teleseries on TFC now:

Ang Probinsyano

A story of Ador and Cardo, both played by the talented Coco Martin. These twins are living their life as law enforcement officers in two separate locations. The story comes into a twist when Ador dies while investigating a syndicate. Cardo is ordered to cover the death of his brother and gets reunited with his grandma. Will Cardo be able to live a totally different life that Ador used to have and get avenge for his brother?

Magpahanggang Wakas

Led by Jericho Rosales as Waldo and Arci Munoz as Aryann, Magpahanggang Wakas depicts the deep love between these two lovers. Since they were young, they were inseparable even though as time passes with different types of challenges. Their love still prevails. Even with so many obstacles along the way, will their love wins in the end?

Doble Kara

Doble Kara is a melodrama TV series and is aired since 2015. Julia Montes plays the role of twin sister Kara Dela Rosa and Sara Suarez. Other amazing cast of this series are Carmina Villaroel, Sam Milby, Mylene Dizon, Maxene Magalona and John Lapuz. The story evolves with the twins growing up happily together. However, they were separated and Kara was given to her biological father due to the lack of funds to treat her leukemia. As years pass, they will path. Do you think the twins will accept each other as they were as kids, or will fate play tricks on them?

Till I Met You

Starred by the power couple, JaDine, James Reid brings the role of Basti and Nadine Lustre plays the part as Iris. Another important cast in this series Ali who is played by JC Santos. The story focuses on the tight relationships between three friends, Iris, Basti and Ali who unexpectedly find themselves in a love triangle which in the beginning affected their friendship. As the story evolves, decisions need to be made and relationships need to be prioritized. Will love or friendship win? Or perhaps, both? What is in store for the three best friends?

Be My Lady

Be My Lady is starred by DanRich, Danile Matsunaga and Erich Gonzales. They play the leading roles of Pinang Crisostomo and Philip Oliveira respectively. Pinang, is an aspired young lady who wants her whole family to live a better life. She focuses on becoming a nurse in UK to give provide for her family. Things change as she crosses path with Philip who is the man behind Pinang’s mother deportation from Singapore many years ago. As the story evolves, there will be romance, laughter, joy, and family value which will definitely entice you to tune in even more.

The Greatest Love

An amazing family oriented family drama, The Greatest Love is one of the best teleseries on ABS-CBN now. The story started off with a romantic love story of young Gloria (acted by Ellen Adarna). Her love with Peter the boatman (acted by Ejay Falcon) is unconditional. Unfortunately, the story takes it twist. Young Gloria was left with no choice. She has to marry the man she does not love. As years passes by, the adult Gloria (now played by Sylvia Sanchez) becomes a loving and caring mother to her four children.They are Amanda (acted by Dimples Romana), Andrei (acted by Matt Evans), Paeng (acted by Arron Villaflor), as well as Lizelle (acted by Andi Eigenmann). Gloria faces challenges as her family is broken into pieces. This is due to the revelation of their family secret which led her children to think that she was an unfaithful wife to their late father, Andres. As she faces all the obstacles, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. What future awaits the family of Gloria?

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