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6 Reasons for Foreigners to Retire in the Philippines!

  • 6 Reasons for Foreigners to Retire in the Philippines!
What makes the Philippines the destination so desirable for retirees?  Here are 6 out of the many reasons out there!

Affordable cost of living

The cost of living in the Philippines is fairly cheap. All vital costs like housing, transportation, food and even labor is amazingly reasonable. With this, it gives pathway for retirees to extend their hard-earned money or savings. Not to mention, the currency rate in the Philippines will give them an upper hand. An easy example would be, with only $2000 a month, one can live in a cozy fully furnished house along with helpers!

The People

The Filipinos are well-known with their hospitality. They are cheerful, welcoming and caring too. When one is already at a certain age and in need of a good place to retire, with such good people around, it is no doubt that the Philippines is a good pick to settle down.


If you are from a modern city, fret not as the Philippines could provide retirees with an easy access to a modern way of living. From malls to internet connection to transportation, everything is easily accessed.

Medical services

Comparing the medical costs of the Philippines and the US, it is a good news to know that is way affordable in the Philippines. All pharmacies are at within reach and you can purchase medications in a breeze. As a retiree who wants to enjoy life, concerning about your health would be the last thing you want to think about. Enjoy your golden years!

The Food

With a variety of choices, one can never be bored of the Pinoy cuisines. It has many influences and can bring lots of adventure to your taste buds. From Chinese to Spanish to even Middle East, when it comes to Pinoy delicacies, you are definitely going to enjoy your golden years eating scrumptious good food in the Philippines.

 Abundant Outdoor Activities

In the Philippines, there are plenty of fun and adventurous outdoor activities to be engaged with. From hiking, to snorkeling to even kayaking, there is so much more to explore in this tropical country.Well, there are definitely MORE than just 6 reasons to come and retire in this beautiful country, BUT, if it is not the time yet and perhaps, you'd like to enjoy a piece of what the Philippines has to offer, then, you must subscribe to TFC. Be sure to be updated with all the latest News, Shows, Teleseryes, and Movies in the Philippines. We will guarantee, that it will bring the Philippines right into your living space!
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