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Benefits of TFC Video on Demand Over Cables and DVRs

  • Benefits of TFC Video on Demand

Why Get TFC Video-On-Demand?

Why do you need a TFC Video-On-Demand at your home instead of choosing the Cable? In this article, we are going to elaborate on some of the many benefits of having TFC Filipino Channel (VOD) as a great companion.

Reason #1

First and foremost, if you were to pick TFC Video-on-Demand over TFC through your cable provider, you will be getting TFC directly from the ABS-CBN. You don't need to go through any middleman. With this, you can enjoy all of ABS-CBN latest news, live streaming, teleseries, and entertainment news straight from ABS-CBN itself.

Reason #2

Secondly, there would be no hidden or any extra charges in order to ship or install the TFC (VOD). The delivery is free and the installation is superbly easy for you to conduct on your own.  To add it up, cable providers usually do not offer other TFC Filipino channels. Such as Lifestyle Network and BRO. But with TFC Video-on-Demand, you will get the access to all TFC Filipino channels.

Reason #3

Now, moving on to a comparison with the traditional DVrs. If we were to talk about the perks of having TFC Videos-on-Demand over DVRs, we can list a few for you to be convinced on switching over to TFC (VOD). Did you know that TFC Video-on-Demand automatically records everything? Whereby with DVRs, you must set it up accordingly. Yes, that is how convenient the TFC (VOD) is. With the DVR playback, you are only able to playback one show at a certain time but with TFC (VOD), the episodes can be watched or played non-stop for the entire season. Aside from that, the DVRs, they usually start recording on the day you manually press “record”. However, TFC (VOD) goes back in time, making your effort on watching your recorded favorite Pinoy TV shows easy.


Hence, with these explanations, hopefully, it will convince you to subscribe to your own TFC Video-on-Demand and start enjoying all the benefits it brings to your happy home!

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