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Blood and Sweat for Duterte's Painting

  • Blood and Sweat for Duterte's Painting

Blood and Sweat for Art

In San Jose City, Philippines, a talented local artist merely poured his own blood, sweat, and determination to paint the images of the current president of the country, President Rodrigo Duterte on a white canvas.Namely Elito “Amang Pinor” Circa, the artist portray a montage of Duterte’s poses along with the official seal of him as well as the Philippine eagle using his own blood. He strongly believes that by using his blood, it creates ultimate works of arts which signify the real meaning of life.He asked a nurse to extract his blood and he then places it in test tubes so he could use it to paint the images.The whole process had to be done quickly and the tubes contained with his blood is kept in a refrigerator as it will spoil rather fast just within days.

Why Mr. President?

Why President Duterte? Circa has picked him as his latest subject as he was superbly captivated with the President’s performance ever since he took office over 100 days ago.According to Circa, President Duterte has all his admiration. Although he sometimes speaks negatively with harsh remarks, he is just like a friend who you can comprehend easily. As of now, he has already done a lot for this nation.This artistic painter has also created paintings of Senator Manny Pacquiao and members of the Circa family. When asked, whether or not he intends to sell his work of art, he simply answers no as he reflects his masterpieces as invaluable.
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