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Camp Sawi the Movie

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What About?

N2 Productions and VIVA films combine their workforce bringing an amazing quality movie to the big screen of the Philippines. They have worked on the story of five young, talented and gorgeous young women who struggle to fix their broken heart inside a camp. This camp kinds of help them to recover from their terrible experiences in relationships.This movie is called Camp Sawi and has been showed in theaters nationwide on the 24th of August 2016 which has now been labeled by the producers as the National Sawi Day.This movie is directed by Irene Villamor and is a Joyce Bernal production for the VIVA Films alongside with N2. Most of the movie was filmed in Cebi, Bantayan Island specifically.


One of the main attractions of the movie is definitely the five stars that play important roles. They are today’s sexiest and hottest young actresses in the country; Arci Munoz, Andi Eigenmann, Yasso Pressman, Bela Padilla, and Kim Molina. Sam Milby, who is the Kapamilya hunk along with the Kapuso actor, Dennis Trillo is also part of the film.The five young ladies depend on each other, acting as each other’s shoulder to cry on while in the Sawi Camp.Bridgette (Bela): A bank teller and she was dumped by her long-time Chinese lover. They were together for a decade before he decided to leave her and marry another girl.Jessica (Yasi): She is a young, perky, and vibrant cheerleader. She figures out that her boyfriend is currently head over heels with someone else.Gwen (Arci): She works in a band together with her boyfriend only to end up with a breakup.Joan (Kim): She is a lonesome young lady whereby her fiancé dies after asking for her hand in marriage.Clarisse (Andi): She is a former actress and suffers all the circumstances of being the other woman in a man’s life.

In Search of

These girls seek comfort from all the troubles and heartaches they are facing. They are looking for strength and guidance from handsome and young Camp Sawi head coach cum resident chef who is played by Sam Milby (Louie)The five girls seek relief from all the heartaches and find guidance and strength from young and good-looking Camp Sawi head coach-cum-resident chef, Louie (Sam).

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