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Derek and Joanne Profess Love for One Another

Derek Ramsay and Joanne Villablanca.

Derek Ramsay and his model girlfriend, Joanne Villablanca have been so outspoken about their deep feelings towards each other especially on their Instagram. That might be because of the vow to on another which is to make the most out of the year 2016. In her Instagram during their getaway to Palawan, Villablanca wrote, "I promise to build a new world for us two, with you in the middle," And she posted another photo of them together saying, “"No way but up, love! Matira matibay. Love you always, Mr. Pakipot." And as for Ramsay’s part, there was a screenshot of a comment he made on one of Joanne’s posts, expressing: "I love you more, babe!"

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Derek Ramsay and Joanne Villablanca celebrated their very first anniversary as a couple last January. The two have since been photographed very often together in public events, with Villablanca being present on the premiere night of Ramsay's film, "Love is Blind". In a prior interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Derek, who had previously been in relationships with actresses like Angelica Panganiban and Cristine Reyes, stated that he wishes that his romantic relationship with Joanne Villablanca will last.  "We enjoy each other's company and we're very much intrigued by each other —we want to know each other more," Ramsay shared. "She supports the things I do and seems genuinely interested in them. There's no pressure. And I love it."

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