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Finance is Not an Issue for DanRIch Break Up

Daniel Matsunaga declines the rumors that the lovebirds ended their relationship due to money issues.

Many people assume that money is the problem, but no, it was not. Daniel informed Pep after Erich Gonzales stated to the media that their love life had ended.

It was first sensed by the Showbiz life when Erich deleted all of their pictures together in her Instagram.

It becomes more obvious when the two avoided any questions in regards of their love life. This leads to more speculation. Some even highlighted that finance is one of the many reasons.

Aside from finance, some even brought up a third party factor as one of the issues. However, the two of them strongly denied that there were any third soul involves.

During his interview with Pep, the handsome actor did not give any details on their breakups. He stated that at this current stage, he is leaving everything to the Almighty.

Daniel became one of Philippines most wanted heartthrob in the Philippines after he manegd to be the champion for a reality show, Pinoy Big Brother, All in.

They both started their romance since 2015 and starred in the famous teleserye; Be My Lady. This show took almost a year on air before it concluded.

Matsunaga, who rose to fame after he won "Pinoy Big Brother: All In," was n relationship with Gonzales since 2015.

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