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Fit Body Tips by Sunshine Garcia

Sunshine Garcia, the Banana Sundae mainstay has some useful tips to get as well as maintain a healthy and fit body.

Let's take a look at them:

1. Watch what you consume or feed your body Getting a well-balanced diet is always the very first step if one desires to be fit, awesome and healthy.  Perhaps, you can enjoy consuming your portioned food while watching your favorite teleseryes on The Filipino Channel, TFC

Unhealthy Foods

Unhealthy Foods

2. Maintain a regular exercise Always exercise. Make it as a habit. Don't exercise once a month, or twice a month, but make it more regular. Perhaps, three times a week.

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3. Complete your beauty rest, sleep well and avoid being too fatigued all the time Be sure to complete at least seven to eight  hours of sleep for adults.

4. Please do not rely on diet pills, they don't work. There’s really no shortcut to achieving a fit and healthy body.Repeat this, and register to your mind, NONE.

5. Be patient and persistent

Don’t rush the process, always be patient and good results will follow. Good things take time and are worth the wait.

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