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How to be Yours Movie

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How to be Yours Overview

How to be yours the movie is a love story whereby a boy meets a girl. They fall deeply in love and somehow, things make its unexpected way to their “happily ever after.” This is a simple film but very honest too. It speaks the truth about how couples tackle the struggles of relationships in a world that is tough especially when it comes to love life.Love blooms in an unexpected way.

How to be Yours Synopsis

Beal Alonzo plays the role of Anj. She has been single for a long time. While she and friends celebrate Chinese New Year, she meets the handsome Nino. Nino is played by Gerald Anderson. In this movie, they met through acquaintances, even though they have already had an eye contact attraction. It happened from far, and way before their official first meeting. They only spend time for a night. Talking about fun stuff, life, sharing and just sharing each other’s idea through sincere conversations. As time goes by, they started meeting each other more often and things began to develop. They enjoy each other’s company and eventually fell in love. Of course, like the common love stories, life gets in the way and the obstacles begin.

How to be Yours Characters

Anj is an ambitious chef. She owns a food business with her friends. Nino, on the other hands, is doing Sales. He sells chandeliers. As the story unfolds, Anj received an incredible offer to be a chef in one of the restaurants of a chef that she idolizes. Nino, being the ever-supportive partner stays with her through thick and thin. He is there all the way and at a point, he even resigns from his work just because he supports Anj whole-heartedly. This is where “How to be yours?” is different from other romantic comedy films’ plot. It highlights the point of view of the guy instead of the girl.A Magic Touch by Director Dan VillegasThe movie by Director Dan Villegas is simply honest and it doesn’t overdo the dramas of life. It is not the typical third party involvement issue in a love story so this is really something new, It is sincere in a sense that the story grows naturally having the couple to experience the struggles and needs of life together. The director manages to embody the silence of men during fights and the authenticity of a man wanting love, care and wanting to make the love of his life happy. In short, this movie values men which is pretty much rare in Philippines movie scene.
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