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Is Julia Montes going to Leave the TV Network?

Will She Move?

On a recent interview, Julia Montes, one of ABS-CBN’s top talents made it clear she will not be moving to another network. Although Doble-Kara, which is a long-running noon series that she stars will end in February 2017.The teleserye will have its Finale on February 10th. According to Montes, it never crosses her mind about moving to another company. Yes, she thought about stopping showbiz, but never in her head leaving ABS-CBN. She says that the network never abandons her needs as a talent, which is why it never occurs in her mind.

Another Project Coming Up with ABS-CBN

To make it even clearer, she even spills the bean that she will be part of another series with Dreamscape Entertainment under ABS-CBN. Right after Doble-Kara, there will be a meeting in regards to the new series and she is pretty much excited about it. As for Doble-Kara, Montes has poured her heart and soul to the series for more than one year. The most-watched noon series was first aired in 2015, specifically on the August 24th.She clarifies that she is excited about the next project due to the need of a physical as well as emotional participation. She needs to be prepared so that she can perform and gives her ultimate best for the next series.
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