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Finally in Love - JaDine for Real

  • James Reid and Nadine Lustre (JaDine) TFC
James Reid opened up about how he courted his loveteam partner, just after a day publicly admitting his romantic relationship with Nadine Lustre. During an interview with ABS-CBN News on Sunday, Reid said he and Lustre have been going out for a few months already before they actually became a couple.
JaDine Love Team TFC

TFC JaDine News

Knowing that Reid grew up in Australia, he still tried to pursue Lustre the Filipino way. Reid was such a gentleman when he first approached Nadine's father to ask for permission and blessings, keeping the Filipino tradition intact.The lovebirds officially became an item on the 11th of February 2016. According to James, he wanted to surprise Lustre on the night of their big concert, but on the 11th, the went out for a dinner.James also dismissed the claims that their romantic relationship is just a  publicity stunt, in fact, James felt superbly relief now that he can express his feeling towards Nadine openly.
TFC JaDine News

TFC JaDine News

James stated that nothing really changed between the two of them, they are just two best friends who have fallen in love. They are very excited for the future and at the moment are looking forward to the world tour which is coming up next. They will be visiting Paris, Milan, Rome, London, Dubai. They will also be shooting their next movie somewhere else abroad. A place that they both has always wanted to travel to. James added that it is similar to Lake Tahoe, but it is a little bit on to the next level. Not forgetting, James was surprised and overwhelmed by how their supporters welcomed his announcement about their real status as a couple. True love is in the air, indeed! Don't forget to watch these two in their final week of On The Wings of Love on TFC.
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