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Love Me Tomorrow the Movie

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Gino Santos, the 2015 mainstream breakthrough director has come up with a brilliant movie. It blends everything unexpected in this recent release of his.The script for this movie is written and developed by G3 San Diego and Jeff Stelton. What is this movie all about? Nothing the typical. Expect current circumstances and something that is out of the norm in the story line of this movie."Love Me Tomorrow" is simply a movie in regards of time. This is an impactful movie that highlights on celebrating, enduring, and cherishing the power of real love.A generational-based story, this love story that anchored on the life of a handsome man named JC (Piolo Pascual). Together with a conflicted, yet stunning young woman, Janine (Coleen Garcia). Of course, along with none other than the industry's well-known actress, Dawn Zulueta as Christy. She plays the role of  a woman with a little bit of an age.


In this enticing love story film, Piolo Pascual plays the role of an entertainer. He is a DJ to be precised, known as D-JC.Being in his 30s, he carries the character of an outgoing DJ. As of Coleen Garcia, she is one of the most famous bloggers in the Philippines which happens to be a club promoter as well.Thus, she wants to prove that JC deserves her and should love her in order for her to continue her support towards JC's career.This is merely leading to JC's career as a DJ onto depending more on her. As Dawn Zulueta comes in the picture, she brings a heavy role as a recently widowed woman who is relishing a time of her life being almost in her 50s.At the right time, right place, and right circumstances, she meets her long-lost college friend who is one of the members of "Titas of Manila". Even at a certain age, they are still partying and enjoying the time of their lives!The movie "Love Me Tomorrow" aims to have a check upon the capability of love if it  could truly fill in the gaps in status, age and even other areas of life. As a team, Direk Gino, Piolo, Coleen, and Dawn create a story line that portrays how passion could be always and forever in youth. There goes, expect the countries' biggest collaboration this summer!
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