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Madonna May Face Banning from The Philippines

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Madonna, performed spectacular sold-out shows in Manila, Philippines. The iconic singer is facing a potential ban from the Philippines for "mocking" the National's flag during her performances.All the shows are part of her current tour; "The Rebel Tour." In her show, she draped the country's flag around her body. With this, some of the fabric touches the ground. According to the official laws in the conservative country, the state the flag should not and could not be worn. It is also disrespectful to allow it to touch the ground.Watch Madonna in the PhilippinesAccording to Teodoro Atienza, (Chief of National Historical Commission of the Philippines) Madonna has severely ridiculed the honor of the Philippines. By allowing the flag to touch the floor is also another issue.Madonna Live in the Philippines


The heated disagreement and controversy arise a few days after Singapore Archbishop William Goh informed the Catholics not to go to her shows. This is because of her "disrespectful" use of religious props, attires, and symbols in her concerts. Also her offensive religious music selections.Meanwhile, Madonna also caused up more heat up issues earlier of the week. When she goes on the stage in Macau, she pulled one of the men from the audience. Asking him to be part of a vulgar performance. It includes a mimicked sex act with a banana.She didn't know that it was Eason Chan that she asked to go up to the stage. He is a well-known Cantonese singer. After the troubles in pronouncing his name, she then handed him a banana and requested him to show his way of licking it.With a humble and kind respect, Chan declined. He made it clear  that his daughter is in the audience.
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