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Miss International 2016, Kylie Verzosa

  • Miss International 2016, Kylie Verzosa

Kylie, Ms. International 2016

The Philippines is not a stranger in the world-stage for its strong contender in Beauty Pageants for many decades as of now. Recently, another Pinay beauty shines bright like a diamond and made the country delighted as its bet, the pretty, talented and amazing Ms. Kylie Versoza grabbed the title of Miss International 2016.She successfully outdone more than 65 other contestants from all over the globe. This makes her as the sixth Filipina beauty to become Miss International.

Speech Segment

In the all-glamorous 56th Miss International 2016 coronation night, Ms. Verzosa nailed in the speech segment. Her flawless speech on culture, education as well as international understanding marveled all of the spectators in Japan (Tokyo Dome Hall).Her content of speech says that If she is crowned as Miss International 2016, she will  put her focus to the cultural and comprehension. She believes that the sensitivity within us in regards of other cultures will broadens the ability to tolerate others. Also, it helps to appreciate different types of diversity in the world. By this, it will path the way to come  into agreement on the different differences in the world.

Top 15

The first runner-up was Miss Australia and Indonesia grabbed the third placing. Miss Nicaragua as well as Ms. USA took the fourth and fifth placing respectively. The top 15 candidates are as follow:
  • Dominican Republic
  • Nicaragua
  • Poland
  • Argentina
  • Indonesia
  • Finland
  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • USA
  • El Salvador
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • Australia
Ms. Kylie Verzosa stunned the full-seated audiences as she presented her green one-piece swimsuit during the swimwear segment.As for the evening gown segment, the Pinay star presented her remarkable look in her lengthy baby blue, all beaded night gown.
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