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Pangako Sa’Yo , how will the finale be?

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Pangako Sa’yo Drawing its Curtain

The ultimate promise between two lovers led by the Power Duo KathNiel, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla comes to a close this week.Pangako Sa’yo is drawing its curtain on February 12th and has been gathering successes and applauds since its first airing in May 2015.The success of this show has not only been giving great output for Kathryn and Daniel, but also to Jodi who plays the role of Amor as well as Ian who acts as Eduardo. The duo is named, AmorAdo.All actors and actresses of the series are really showing tremendous piece of acting which really portrays through out the show.
Watch Pangako Sayo Finale TFC

Watch Pangako Sayo Finale TFC

Being famous not only in the Philippines, the original series of Pangako Sa’yo was also extremely popular in other neighboring country such as Malaysia back during the year it was released.Since it was first aired, it has gathered high TV ratings and beating its rival program. Pangako Sa’yo is also the most searched TV drama in the country based on Google Search engine!Aside from that, the show has also produced many best-selling merchandise. It proves the popularity of the drama is bringing great impacts to the audiences. Don’t miss the last days of “Pangako Sa ’Yo,” only on TFC.
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