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The Achy Breaky Hearts

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Will the Achy Breaky Hearts Movie be the entry for Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2016?

With a lot of speculations around, it seems that many observers are curious. Whether or not this new movie (The Achy Breaky Hearts) release of Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap will be an entry for Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF ) 2016 is still a big puzzle.

Rumor has it

It was rumored last year that these two were supposed to have a movie for MMFF but nothing came to fruition. Perhaps, this is it. Jodi’s perfect combo with Richard in "Be Careful with my Heart" and Ian Veneracion in "Pangako Sa ‘Yo" remake separately, will now be one under a movie hit, The Achy Breaky Hearts. So, Team Sir Chief and Team Eduardo, are you guys ready?

 The Story of Chinggay

This movie is about Chinggay, a role acted out by Jodi Sta, Maria. She is a jewelry store Manager. She, being a single woman in her 30’s is feeling the high pressure in seeking for true love. Going out on dates with many men doesn’t seem to help improve her love life. None of them seem to make the cut.


The audience may blame Chinggay’s high standards, but other element might be the reason too. For instance, her past relationships that bring nothing but pain could be a contributor on her judgment towards men too.

Will it last forever? Or….

As the story goes, her love life is in a critical mode as it has been so empty for the past seven years. But suddenly, everything seems to take a turn. Two men are interested in being with her. Ian Veneracion who acts out Ryan’s character bought a beautiful engagement ring from Chinggay’s shop. Little that he knows that he would be rejected by his girlfriend. On another note, Chinggay’s ex-lover, Frank, acted out by Richard Yap is consistent to redeem himself. He is trying to prove that he truly deserves a second chance with Chinggay.

Who will she choose?

Feeling torn, clueless, and nervous, Chinggay finds herself confused between two kinds of love. Will Chinggay choose any one of the two men? Or will she realize that the love she yearns for wouldn’t come from either one of them? Don't forget to be among the first to watch this most-awaited movie in the Philippines this summer directed by Antoinette Jadaone.
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