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The Benefits of TFC IPTV and Video on Demand (VOD)

The Benefits of TFC IPTV and Video on Demand (VOD)


The Filipino Channel (TFC) IPTV Video on Demand (VOD), from ABS-CBN Global, offers you the finest service. The IPTV Video on Demand allows you to choose any shows you desire to watch anytime and anywhere.Thus, you can watch your all-time favourite Pinoy Teleserye anywhere. Plus, you can also get updated on the current news back home via TV Patrol and Balitang Amerika. If you are worried that you will miss new movie releases, fret not, the IPTV Video on Demand (VOD) has it covered for you. Not only that, you are also always updated with the latest buzz in showbiz, or even Sing-Along in Karaoke sessions if you are stressed out after a long day at work!With the IPTV Video on Demand (VOD), all of the amazing shows can be accessed right in the comfort of your home sweet home as the Set Top Box (STB) brings it right to your flat screen TV for perfect viewing experience.What else? By subscribing to the IPTV Video on Demand (VOD), you can now opt to let go of your cable or satellite service and just stick to watching all the ABS-CBN programs via your low cost internet connection. How sufficient is that?The channels delivered are via broadband like DSL, Cable, Fibre, Wifi and a lot more too. All shows are guaranteed new and freshly updated within 4 to 5 hours upon airing in Manila. You will also be able to enjoy all shows without intrusive advertisements. Also, with the DVD/VCR functions, you are in control to either play, pause, rewind or fast forward any shows.

TFC Video on Demand

What is Video on Demand? This functions gives you the privilege to watch any shows at your own conveniences with your own chosen time. You will get an easy access to all archived television shows, dramas, teleseryes, and even movies aired way back.For an instance, daily shows such as TV Patrol and alike are held for 12 to 14 days. As for TV shows that airs once a week, they will be held for three months. Teleseryes on the other hand will be held for 30 days from the time the episode goes on air.To get an in depth details, visit this link: What is, and the Benefits of IPTV and VOD
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