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The Escort, Ramsay and Poe

Synopsis of "The Escort"

What is the price of a woman's dignity? Virginity? In today's era, what do people think about a woman who prioritize her virginity? At what point will she be able to give everything up?Yassi (Lovi Poe) acts in "The Escort" as a fine young lady who faces a lot of conflicts in her life. At the same time, she is still trying her best to take good care of her dignity through out the whole process.Cyrus (Derek Ramsay) manages an escort agency that provides over the top services. The agency caters the high class clients. Then, he meets with Yassi who works as a waitress. Cyrus then invites the beautiful woman to take the job of a receptionist the company.This movie is going deeper in an industry that is rarely being talked about in today's society. How the escort girls are dealing with unbelievable struggles from all  types of customers. These are all done to get the big bucks coming in for a better life.In the story, Yassi is being exposed to the other side of the business. She takes it all in really well. Calmly, she embraces all the good bucks to provide and send her siblings for better education. Along the way, Cyrus pressures her to step up her game and join the other experienced girls and meet bigger clients for better rewards.This movie highlights the fact that in the presence, we can actually count on the numbers of people who really cares about values. Nowadays, materials are more important than anything else. This movie is fresh and superbly interesting. The director of this film, Enzo Williams who won a lot of awards totally brought something new for the audiences in the cinema this time.

The Escort Official Trailer

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