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The Top 6 Programs on TFC Now!

The Top 6 Programs on TFC Now

TFC Offers spectacular shows to cater all viewers especially Filipinos (OFWs) from all over the world. As for Pinoy Online TV, we provide specifically to our clients in the US market.

Gandang Gabi Vice

This is a comedic program that will definitely lighten up your day! Only an expert comedian as Vice Ganda can bring outstanding humor right into your home. This show combines spontaneity and wit along with the comedic timing of sitcoms and standups. In the show, be ready to expect many amazing talents featured as guests. If you want FUN, don't forget to tune in to “Gandang Gabi Vice” only on TFC!

 It’s Showtime

A show which is hosted by an ALL-STAR cast! This is a show that varies in all aspects, definitely like none-other. Watch as the show presents people from all over come on stage and show their creativity and capabilities. “It’s Showtime” is a one of a kind show which brings happiness to the audience and participants as they are about to be filled with fun and surprised by prizes! Everything is indeed more exciting in “It’s Showtime!”

Family Feud

A superbly popular game show hosted by the infamous Luis Manzano. Watch family members earn their rights on gaining prizes by winning fun and exciting games!


This is the longest running and a multi-award winning musical variety show In the Philippines! ASAP is a popular music concert program and it features the BEST musical talent that the nation of Philippines could offer. This show brings authenticity, fun, and uniqueness in each show presenting the brightest of superstar performers, singers, chart toppers, record breakers and a lot more! If you want quality performances, this is a show you wouldn’t want to miss. As the Filipinos say it “Invited Ka! Maki-party na!”

TV Patrol

Brace yourself with all the latest and current news as well as events in the Philippines with ABS-CBN’s flagship news broadcasting program known as TV Patrol. It is a comprehensive and insightful news which has set the standard of the Philippine bulletin journalism. You will be presented with all the most relevant news delivered first hand by the country’s best news newscasters.

Rated K

Each and every one of us has a story to tell. This is the platform that gathers all inspiring masterpiece. Rated K is hosted by the intensive, insightful, and talented Korina Sanchez. She reaches out to the people from all walks of life to get better insights of their journey and present it to the world for a better comprehension for the viewers. This show believes that the world is made up of all the people voices and untold stories. So, come and hear what everyone has to share only through the Rated K.To be able to watch all these magnificent shows in the comfort of your cozy home, it is time to subscribe to TFC! For more details on the shows and how to subscribe; click this link: TFC TOP 6 TV SHOWS
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