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The Unmarried Wife Movie

Stars of the Unmarried Wife

This is a Filipino romance movie released in 2016. Its stars are Dingdong Dantes, Angelica Panganiban, and also Paulo Avelino.This movie has Maryo J. de los Reyes as its director. The intriguing story-line is written by Keiko Aquino and it is handled by the well-known Star Cinema.


In this film, Angelica who plays the character of Anne, is a beautiful and successful woman who is in a muddle with her husband as well as her lover.This great movie is a movie that brings the concept of “infidelity” as the core and main concept. It started off as a story whereby a loving, warm-hearted, dedicating and unsuspecting wife catches her husband cheating on her with his lover.What makes this movie different from other films? The wife, Anne, would be the main focus of the LOVE TRIANGLE rather than the man or husband. The story line focuses on her picks and decisions.Geoff, played by Dingdong Dantes was caught a lot of times by his wife, Anne which means she has already forgiven and gives him chances countless times. He just keeps on repeating the same ‘mistake.’ It is up to the point his wife, Anne solely gives up on him and their marriage.As the story evolves, there will be a suitor that comes unexpectedly into Anne’s life. This character is played by Paulo Avelino, named as Bryan.Now, the main juice of the movie is to know whether Anne will choose her new lover or go back to her husband who has been breaking her heart into pieces many times. Technically, if Anne chooses to be with Bryan, by that it means she is cheating as she is still married to Geoff.

Official Trailer of The Unmarried Wife

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