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The Third Party Movie

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The Third Party is a unique gay-themed movie that confronts gay relationships in an easy-going, more understandable, with no exaggerating issues to exploit the connections.This movie presents Andi, played by Angel Locsin and Max, acted by Sam Milby who were college lovers.  As the story evolves, they broke up as Max went on to pursue Medical Studies in another country. Thus, feeling heartbroken and lost, Andi lives her life doing events while grasping her dream of becoming an aspirant fashion designer.As the years passed, Max and Andi reconnects. Now, a doctor, Max introduces Andi to a fellow doctor, Christian, a character played by Zanjoe Marudo. Christian happens to be Max’s boyfriend. This leaves Andi feeling shocked, crashed, and shattered.The Third Party moves around these characters and struggles, pain, humor in the lives of a fresh gay-couple. It turned out to be that Max and Christian living and enjoying life as a loving couple. However, they got tested when they unintentionally invite Andi into their lives which lead into an odd set-up no one ever expected.

Credit to Director Jason Paul Laxamana

Director Jason Paul Laxamana manages to put humor and emotional outbursts in this movie. Making it deserving credit for its urban style concept, originality as well as crisp dialogues.That definitely infuses more credibility into it. With all aspects taken into consideration and a few surprising turns, in the end, how the protagonists deal with the issues and the truth bring excitement to the whole plot. Be prepared to be (satisfyingly) shocked.Other stars in the movie are Matet de Leon, Beauty Gonzalez, Alma Moreno, Al Tantay, Chung Sa Jung, Carla Martinez, Odette Khan, Trina Legaspi, and Maris Racal. Don’t forget to watch it in your nearest Cinema!
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