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Top 5 Reasons to Watch 'This Time' Movie

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This Time the movie is out in the Cinemas in the Philippines and will be out in cinemas in the USA soon! So, if you are still thinking whether or not to be among the firsts to watch this movie, here, we will give you Top 5 reasons why you should watch This Time featuring the Real Life couple, James Reid, and Nadine Lustre.

First BIG project as a real-life COUPLE for Jadine

From a normal love-team duo, they are now a real-life couple! Yes, they are now officially a real couple. All the scenes portrayed in the movie will be extra surreal. If it's about teasing each other, audiences can tell that it is REAL!"Kilig" to the bone.

Sweet Scenes all the way

There will be many sweet scenes for the hopeless romantic movie-junkies out there. Nadine states that this movie is packed with light romance that's fun and entertaining.

Amazing movie locations

Their choice of movie shooting spots are splendid. They went to the country of the rising sun, Japan to shoot numbers of important scenes. With the beautiful backdrop, paired with two talented stars, what else can you ask for?

Their LOVE journey is precious

The love story of this movie is purely romantic. If you think that summer love can't be transformed into something more of a "FOREVER" then you are totally wrong. The whole movie is a bout building a love base that is strong.

It is relatable for the people in a complicated relationship

LDR- Long-distant-relationship. Yes, this is what the movie is about. Other elements are also added such as uncertainty, jealousy, and loneliness. Thus, if you are in a complex relationship, this movie is just right for you. Take in the advice and make your own relationship better! 
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