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Most Watched TV Shows in the Philippines Revealed by Kantar

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Kantar Media Revealed

Kantar Media has recently revealed an exclusive statement that the famous TV network in the Philippines ABS-CBN is Pinoy's households’ choice of TV network. This rating is for July 2016. The TV network has a total average of 47% out of the National audience.

Surpassing other TV Networks

This results showed that the ABS-CBN TV network has successfully surpassed the average amount of TV viewers from other leading networks like GMA and TV5. GMA accumulated 32% of a total average and TV 5 managed to get 7% of a total average from the National audience.

How the calculation works?

A panel size from around the nation is used. The Kantar Media monitor the panel that consists of a total 2,610 rural as well as urban households. It sums up to a 100% of the Nation's TV watching population.

Prime Time Block

A huge amount that exceeds 1/2 of the whole Philippine family units viewed the ABS-CBN’s main primetime shows or block. Resulting an enormous national audience with a share of 50%. It leads a sturdy 20 points over GMA Network which only gained 30%.

All-Time Blocks

The ABS-CBN network or known as the Lopez Run TV network conquered the all-time shows or blocks around the country in July. This includes the early morning blocks up to noon-time. GMA received a fair amount of 33% share of total viewers. Noon-time Block

Noon-time Block

For the noon-time, block starting from 12 noon until 3 pm is once again headed by ABS-CBN. With a huge amount of 45%. Whereby GMA Network only managed to gain 33 percent. Equally, it earned a better share of the afternoon shows or block which starts at 3 pm until 6 p.m. All in all, a total of 47% heading 15 percent over GMA Network with only 32 percent.
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