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Welcome to the world Baby Isabella!

Welcome, Baby Girl!

ABS-CBN's TV host-actress, Mariel Rodriguez, the beautiful wife of the infamous action star Robin Padilla, safely gave birth to a healthy, cute and adorable baby princess on the 14th of November 2016. She was born in the United States.Baby Isabella is the first child of the two celebrities. The loving couple got married on August 19th, 2010 in India.

Labor in the US

In September 2016, Rodriguez, who used to suffer two unwanted miscarriages, had to be flown to the US. This is due to her delicate pregnancy thus, she needs to be prepared with all the safety precautions of labor.The United States has all the modern, well-equipped technology and equipment to ensure the smooth labor of the Pinay star.Before his wife gave birth, Padilla, who is now a proud father even posted a video of the conversation between him and his beautiful wife, Mariel. It was taken while she was in labor. A support from far was part of the process.In the video, Padilla conveyed his most sincere sorry to his wife for not being able to be next to her to comfort and ease the pain through moral support. This is due to his unforeseen denial of a US Visa from the government of the country.The procedure that he needed to go through was far more complicated than expected as he was convicted of illegal firearms back in 1994.Again, congratulations to both proud parents, Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla! May your family will be showered with love, health, happiness, and wealth! We are pretty excited to see baby Isabella's journey in this world.

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