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Xian Lim, an Actor and Pianist

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Xian Lim, the talented Actor, and Pianist

Xian Lim’s fan was thrilled as the big star played a baby Grand Piano during his solo concert on July 9th, 2016 which was held at the Kia Theatre in Quezon City.

A Dream Come True

Lim stated that it has been something he yearns to do for the longest time. He played the grand piano and a splendid orchestra has his back throughout the concert.

During the show, he showered his fans with classical and some ballads numbers.


Xian Lim mentioned that in his younger age, he loves doing recitals in various events. When questioned in regards of his love towards music, he simply answers it is because he loves to entertain people. The joy and love he could bring to other peoples' lives is impeccable. He also hoped that Star Records would consider releasing a live recording for the recent show he pulled off.

Teleserye's Success

His love-team partner, Kim Chiu had a tremendous concert at the exact same venue last April. The 26-year-old actor wished that they could work hand in hand for their supporters in the near future.The two’s hit teleserye, “The Story of Us” has released its book 2, with Ms. Cathy Garcia-Molina as the director. According to Xian, who has commenced working with Director Cathy, he felt a little bit overwhelmed by how excellent of a director she is.Don’t forget to watch the series only on The Filipino Channel.
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