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TFC Lifestyle Package

The Filipino Channel IPTV - Lifestyle Package

Discover, Be creative, Get pampered

$8.99 / monthly including fees & taxes

Expect to get The ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel, Cinema One and The Lifestyle Network premium channels originated from your own network ABS-CBN.  Both men and women are offered with Pinoy TV shows specially designed for them.  Women’s interested in fashion, travel, home décor and cooking will be well served. Men who are into comedy, travel shows and sports will be updated on what’s the latest in these areas.  ABS-CBN TFC films found in this package are available for men and women alongside the ABS-CBN News Channel programs.  Subscribe to TFC Lifestyle Package and you will get all these.

Xed Out channels/options are not available with this TFC Package. You may still click on the channel/option to see what you will be missing out on.

TFC – The ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC)

  • Your Only Cable News Channel Buddy 24/7
  • The first and only Filipino cable channel 24 hours daily, seven days weekly ABS-CBN News Channel or ANC sees to it that up-to-the-minute reports will be delivered to you LIVE.  Topics in the news right from you homeland includes social, political, health, economic, business, and to ABS-CBN entertainment news.
  • ANC has already established its name as a prominent news station where providing TFC the Filipino channel with the current updates on politics, business talks, lifestyle and perceptive discussions.  It is considered as the only source for you to stay up-to-date on the recent events in the Philippines.
  • Keep in mind that ANC Channel is offered in every TFC Subscription package for commentary, politics, news, finance, and more.  Local and entertainment news, tragedies, weather, information, current affairs, and analysis are also available in your ANC Channel.

TFC – ABS-CBN Sports and Action Channel

  • Get Active and Feel Heroic
  • Get into action with your local sports action and action-filled ABS-CBN TV shows.  Fulfill your longing for your Pinoy TV shows through your TFC ABS-CBN Sports and Action Channel.  This is your TFC Pinoy channel that only delivers a combination of bold travel, adventure, comedy, leisure shows, and action sports. The channel will make sure that your craving for a daily dose of action and stress-relief will be satisfied. Just be sure you have knowledge on how your TFC subscription process really works and how the shows are aired although some are on a delayed measure.
  • Convenience is the main purpose of your ABS-CBN Sports and Action Channel so you will get to watch the action-packed TV shows you wanted and to experience the same thrill.

TFC – Cinema One Global Movie Channel

  • Wherever, Whenever, We Will Be There
  • What Cinema One or C1 offers? Independent, original and top Pinoy films are all offered in this channel.  Always embrace and keep your own culture as you watch the top-most Filipino films offered by C1 Global Movie Channel.  Note that any platform you have been using can give you access to this channel since it is available through TFC on demand, online video streaming, video on demand, cable, direct-to-home satellite, IPTV, and other over-the-top content platforms.
  • Get the most of C1 Global Movie Channel programming with Pinoy TFC films that include independent and mainstream local and foreign films, originally made for television films and film-related programming.
  • Cinema One is among the best channel options in your TFC Lifestyle Package from which you can choose the next TV show you would want to watch.

TFC – The Lifestyle Network

  • Your Dream, Your Passion, Our Network
  • The Lifestyle Network of Pinoy TFC offers everything from to fashion, cooking, to travel, and to beauty more of your wants other than your needs. This TFC network will give you an opportunity to experience travel, fashion, beauty, fitness and more. You can count on this lifestyle-centered network as your best guide and buddy for a greater way of life to become successful regardless of where you may be in the world. Embrace your being Pinoy with this lifestyle-based channel to make your life a lot better.
  • Always be on the latest fashion trend, be fit, get satisfied with your passion, and live up your dreams with your Lifestyle Network subscription.

TFC – Pay-Per-View Channel

  • TFC Films on IPTV VOD to Sawa
  • Isn’t it amazing to get access to any of your grown-up movies and sports events online through Pay-Per-View at TFC Pinoy channel on IPTV programming?  You just have to navigate the TFC subscription for movies and sports activities you would like to watch.  ABS-CBN TFC movies in this program are often uploaded a few weeks since they are run on movie theaters in the U.S.  These movies can actually be rented for two months for a one-time fee.  Such is a great opportunity for you to pay for every film for the entire family you are watching with alongside the convenience of doing it anytime you want.