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TFC Premium Package

The Filipino Channel IPTV - TFC Premium Package

Everything You Need, We Got You Covered in One all-encompassing TFC Package

$29.99 / month including all fees and taxes.

Whether, sports, entertainment or family channels, always choose a package that suits your mood. Well, this package will provide you with everything from your favorite Filipino movies and TV series, to Live coverage of the PBA, latest entertainment, and news shows. Into music? If you are thinking of all your favorite songs, you are missing this package will also provide you these great Filipino music stations Tambayan 101.9 for Life and DZMM TeleRadyo. Great deal, isn’t it?  Here’s more, with your TFC Premium Package, all ABS-CBN entertainment news and programs will be made available on-demand and live coverage. You still have an opportunity to watch the live shows you missed at your most convenient time as all live Pinoy TV shows are automatically recorded like a DVR and waiting for you to watch when you want.

TFC – The Filipino Channel

  • Feeling homesick? Why don’t you watch all your favorite shows from home with ease via TFC’s flagship channel?
  • Thanks to the advent of technology, the global subscription television channel The Filipino Channel or TFC is made available to make you feel at home just a few miles away.  TFC primarily provides you with your favorite program from your very own Philippines’ national television network ABS-CBN.
  • Whether you are inclined to watch ABS-CBN teleseryes, hearing the latest news, public service, documentaries, reality shows, sitcoms, talk shows, soap operas, live events, gag shows or any other genres and formats you can name, ABS-CBN has it all.
  • Wherever you may be, never worry that you won’t be updated on Pinoy TV shows because TFC ABS-CBN you can watch TFC channel online through streaming IPTV or and video on demand.

TFC – The Lifestyle Network

  • What else can you ask for when you are living both for your dreams and your passions?
  • Live life to the fullest with the Lifestyle Network of TFC ABS-CBN, your number one guide and best-buddy wherever you may be.  Enjoy watching Pinoy TV shows of TFC ABS-CBN on interesting topics like food adventures, home decors, and fun traveling.
  • Do you want to be fashionable, fit and make your dreams and passion a reality? TFC subscription for Lifestyle Network will be your key.

TFC – Cinema One (C1) Global Movie Channel

  • Saang lupalop ka man nang mundo makarating, lagi-lagi kang kapiling
  • Cinema One (C1) or C1NEMAONE is a global TFC subscription specifically offered to Filipinos overseas. There are new films rotated every month, so it's guaranteed that you will have a movie to watch from home. New movies are circulated every month, which you can watch from home anytime.
  • C1 is the best if you are into independent and mainstream foreign and local films, made for television films and programming-related films.

TFC – Myx TV Channel

  • Music is your life, we feel you.
  • Shout out to the youth and young at heart. Myx TV is now available for subscription at TFC ABS-CBN. Myx TV’s primary content, music video, is targeted to the Asian American youth. Keep up with your favorite Pinoy Myx shows and their VJs at Myx TV.  Grab the opportunity of subscribing to the high rated English-language multicultural Asian entertainment network offered in the United States.  Just imagine how you can still get an update on the top-rated music and musicians on the Philippine music chart in the US with your TFC subscription.  Just how lucky you are to have clear access to the only English-language multicultural Asian American entertainment network offered in the United States.

TFC – MOR 101.9 For Life! Channel

  • Your choice of music, your only radio for life
  • Be up-to-date with what’s the latest in the music entertainment industry in the Philippines as TFC’s DWRR-FM (101.9 FM), branded as MOR 101.9 For Life Channel, serves you right. MOR 101.9 is a music radio station of ABS-CBN Corp. that runs 24 hours daily. You will be on the craze in music with this flagship FM station of the Philippines’ My Only Radio Network.  It only brings you more fun and more music

TFC – Pay-Per-View Channel

  • New movies at Pay-Per-View
  • Don’t miss the newly released movies that are also new in the Philippines and offered in this pay-per-view option while you are in the U.S.  Embrace the comfort of viewing TFC Pay-Per-View films.  After a complete theatrical house run, movies are added for viewing online.
  • Note: The TFC Pay- Per-View films once rented are available for about two months for this one-time fee.
  • What are the perks this channel promises?
    • The TFC Filipino channel allows you to select your preferred films to watch with your loved ones anytime.
    • Requiring you to only pay for each movie lets you save your money rather than you will pay for every person who will watch with you in theaters.
    • It also spares you from spending on the gas on your trip to any movie house you want.

TFC –ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel)

  • Your news channel, anywhere, everywhere!
  • Every event, happening and issues across or related to your home country will just be a click away as global TV news network ANC will give you access to the ABS-CBN latest news. ANC is recognized for its being the first 24-hour news network, English language news network, and all-news cable network.
  • ANC takes pride for being the leading news station that provides you with all the latest ABS-CBN news updates on the subject matter of business talks, lifestyle, perceptive discussions and politics second to none. Wherever you may be in the U.S., ANC will always be your source of updates of ABS-CBN entertainment news and any other current events in the country.

TFC – ABS-CBN Sports and Action Channel

  • Sports + Action, we got you covered
  • Sports was, is and will always be a symbol of Pinoys’ lifestyle, making this unwavering passion a driver behind the ABS-CBN Sports and Action commercial broadcast TV channel. Action sports, leisure shows, comedy, bold travel, and adventure are all in the ABS-CBN Sports and Action Channel. If you are a sports fan and active viewer longing for a day-to-day dose of stress-relief and thrill, this channel will serve as your best escape in the U.S. It features Filipinos in sports events, learning the stories behind the journey of each champion on and off the court, the track and the field.  Getting you into the feel of sports, action and more is what ABS-CBN Sports and Action Channel promises you.

TFC – Jeepney TV Channel

  • Sakay na sa jeep and let’s travel back to your own favorite ABS-CBN teleseryes
  • Missing those old ABS-CBN teleseryes, movies, and shows of all time? Jeepney TV will be your best provider, which only brings the best of foreign and local entertainment closer to Filipinos like you with its roster of must-see TFC Pinoy TV and film show’s headlined by the Hollywood’s brightest actors and Pinoy hot love teams. This Pinoy TV channel is owned and run by the ABS-CBN Cable Channels that airs archived and classic series. It will be your tool in introducing those favorite shows you grew up with to the next generation.
  • The genres of shows provided here include games, kids, games and variety, comedy, original specials, and teleseryers.

TFC – DZMM TeleRadyo

  • Latest news is what you need; our service is what you deserve.
  • Stay updated with the most recent news stories from your trusted DZMM TeleRadyo AM radio station. Watch and listen to veteran broadcast journalists as they deliver commentaries. The 24-hour Pinoy TV channel DZMM TeleRadyo broadcasts the flagship DZMM 630 AM radio station of ABS-CBN.
  • How awesome it is to get the best news from your home country as DZMM TeleRadyo operates as the 24-hour talk/news radio station DZMM Radyo Patrol 630, which provides service to the Mega Manila market. It also serves as the ABS-CBN-owned Radyo Patrol Network’s flagship station. When tuned into this TFC radio station, you can make certain to only receive credible news, entertainment and public service and in-depth commentaries to Pinoys throughout the globe not just in the U.S.

TFC – Karaoke-On-Demand Channel

  • Sing out your heart and enjoy Filipino karaoke inside your living room.
  • Just plug two microphones into the back of your TFC box and sing along with your Karaoke-On-Demand TFC subscription. The channel primary aim is to provide you an entertainment in your home any time you wish.
  • Karaoke-On-Demand is easy to use as it gives you individual videos for all songs, offering an extensive range of songs in popular music regularly updated by TFC. In fact, it now reaches 50 million television households throughout the world.

TFC – TFC Everywhere

  • Bring happiness of the family back home
  • Everywhere is literally here with the availability of the TFC Everywhere option with your TFC subscription. To the premium subscribers as they have a free benefit called TFC Everywhere. Watch and enjoy the same Pinoy TV shows, sporting events, movies, news, music videos and other TFC shows.  You can also watch your favorite TFC shows on your own smartphone, tablet, laptop with the TFC App for Apple iOS or Android. It is considered a complimentary online access to viewing ABS-CBN Video on Demand streaming.  Just take some time to relax and watch your favorite Filipino shows, movies and events at home.