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TFC Family Feud

Are you a game show fanatic or stats freak? Do you pride yourself in always “knowing” the “smartest/wittiest” answers to tricky survey questions? Then perhaps you should watch or even take part in the famous ABS-CBN TV game show, “Family Feud”! The said show broadcasts on the TFC Channel, and you will find it under the “Game” and “Variety” categories of your TFC subscription. Look for the name TFC Family Feud, which you can access with some of our TFC Packages. You then have the option of watching the show either live or on-demand.  You may click here for detailed information about all of our many TFC Packages.

You can view “Family Feud”  anytime with your TFC Video on Demand!

Family Feud

Family Feud

Genre: Variety, Game

About ABS-CBN/TFC Family Feud

ABS-CBN “Family Feud” is a game show closely patterned after its US counterpart. The show currently airs on the Filipino TV channel ABS-CBN, but you may of course view it across the globe via your TFC subscription. The show has had three different “versions” airing on three TV networks, namely: ABC (now TV5), GMA, and currently, ABS-CBN. The present “incarnation” premiered on April 9, 2016, replacing the program “Celebrity Playtime”. Luis Philippe Santos Manzano, a Filipino TV host, VJ, model, and former actor, serves as the game show’s dynamic host and moderator. He is better known by his nicknames “Lucky” or “Luis”. Also, he happens to be the son of award-winning Pinoy actors Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos.

The goal in “Family Feud” is rather simple: two “families” try to outsmart each other in guessing the most popular answers to survey questions. Four to five members of a real-life Filipino family, or four to five cast members of an ABS-CBN show, may comprise one or both of the “families”. In the case of the latter, the show may be currently-airing or previously-aired. Similarly, a certain group of four to five people with something in common (like being students of the same school, for example) may also comprise the “families”.

The two teams will then go through two rounds of survey questions. The more “popular” answers (based on the survey results) from whichever team will earn more points. Thus, the team which garners the more popular answers is therefore the smarter/wittier “family” (survey-wise), and hence wins the game! However, they can still get to win more cash and/or various prizes! For instance, the winning “family” will choose two of their best members, and both will then alternate in playing the thrilling “Fast Money” Round!

The “Fast Money” Round

In this round, the first member has 25 seconds to answer five survey questions. As always, each question will have several survey answers, and every answer has a “rank”. The higher the rank, the more points come with it. Consequently, the more popular answers (based on the survey results) will earn bigger points! During this time, the second member will have to hide, because he or she must not see nor hear the first member’s answers. He or she will then have his/her turn to answer the same five survey questions in 30 seconds. Both members should “target” a combined total of 200 points or more. If they manage to “do” so, then their “family” will win the jackpot prize!

Reasons to Love and Watch ABS-CBN/TFC Family Feud

Sounds exciting, right? Then what are you waiting for? Organize two “families” or teams of four to five members each and join the game show! Or perhaps just watch it (like a “watch-party”) in front of a big-screen TV! Both “families” will then have to compete against each other in “figuring out” the smartest/wittiest answers and scoring more points (of course, there should be a “moderator” and/or a scorekeeper)! Either way, it is guaranteed to be a unique, challenging, but fun-filled bonding experience for everybody! Heck, even a single individual who loves game shows and trivia/demographics will have loads of fun watching ABS-CBN/TFC “Family Feud”!