TFC Family Feud

Game show fanatics and demographics freaks will want to watch or even take part in the famous ABS-CBN TV game show “Family Feud”.  You will find the said show, which broadcasts on the TFC Channel, under the “Variety” and “Game” categories of your TFC subscription. Look for the name TFC Family Feud, which you can access with each TFC Package. You have the option of watching the show live or on-demand.  Click for detailed information on different TFC packages.

“Family Feud” is accessible on your TFC Video on Demand

Family Feud

Family Feud

Genre: Variety, Game

ABS-CBN “Family Feud” is a game show closely patterned after its U.S. counterpart. The show currently airs on the Filipino TV channel ABS-CBN, but you may, of course, view it across the globe via your TFC subscription. The show has had three different “versions” airing on three TV networks, namely: ABC (now TV5), GMA, and now ABS-CBN. The current iteration premiered on April 9, 2016, replacing the program “Celebrity Playtime.” Filipino TV host, VJ, model and former actor Luis Philippe Santos Manzano serves as the game show’s host and moderator. Luis Philippe is better known by his nicknames “Luis” or “Lucky.” He also happens to be the son of award-winning Filipino actors Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos.

In “Family Feud,” two families try to outsmart each other by guessing the most popular answers to survey questions. Four to five members of a real-life Filipino family may comprise one or both of the “families.” Or four to five cast members of a currently-airing or previously-aired ABS-CBN show may comprise one or both of them. Or it may even be composed of a certain group of four to five people with something in common, like students of a school.

The two teams will then go through two rounds of survey questions. The more “popular” answer (based on the survey) from whichever team gets more points. The team which garners the more popular answers is thus the “smarter” family (survey-wise), and wins the game! But they can still get to win more cash and/or various prizes! The winning “family,” for example, will choose two of their best members to alternately play the thrilling “Fast Money” round.

In the “Fast Money” round, the first representative is given 25 seconds to answer five survey questions. Each question will have “ranked” answers, with the most popular answers earning bigger points. During this time, the second representative will have to hide so that he or she cannot see nor hear the first representative’s answers. The second representative will next be given 30 seconds to answer the same five survey questions. Both representatives should “target” a combined total of 200 points or more for the family to win the jackpot prize!

Sounds exciting, right? So what are you waiting for? Organize two “families” or teams of four to five members each and join the game show! Or perhaps just watch it in front of a big-screen tv, with both families also “figuring out” and scoring their own answers! Either way, it will be a unique, fun-filled and challenging bonding experience!