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TFC Gandang Gabi Vice

Do you like talk shows which “focus” on complex subjects like the Filipino culture as well as human sexuality, but do so with heady doses of laughter, irony, and sarcasm? Do you enjoy witty interviews conducted by a somewhat “nasty” host, but interspersed with funny, almost comedic segments? If so, then you’ll definitely fall in love with the ABS-CBN TV talk show Gandang Gabi Vice! It airs on the TFC Channel. Look for TFC Gandang Gabi Vice in the “Talk” section of your TFC subscription. You can watch “Gandang Gabi Vice” either live or on-demand, and it is accessible with a number of our TFC PackagesClick here for precise details about each of our many TFC combos.

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Gandang Gabi Vice

Gandang Gabi Vice

Genre: Comedy, Talk

“Gandang Gabi Vice” is a humor-filled TV talk show, and Jose Marie Borja Viceral plays its perfect host! Viceral, a Pinoy actor, author, comedian, endorser, fashion icon, recording artist, and television presenter, is of course better known by his stage name, Vice Ganda. Moreover, Vice Ganda, who happens to be the first openly-gay endorser for a major product (i.e., Globe Telecom) in the Philippines, is also famous for his stand-up routines wherein he makes use of observational comedy, sarcasm, and situational irony when taking on “subjects” such as human sexuality and the Filipino culture.

GGV offers a mix of spontaneous, witty interviews and comedic interactive segments. Furthermore, Vice Ganda mixes it all up with his flawless improvisational spontaneity and comic timing in sitcoms and stand-ups. Also, the show features a wide, versatile variety of guests and stars. In addition, rare live acts from various performers highlight the show. “Gandang Gabi Vice”  also presents a unique blend of fun and entertainment. As a result, a lot of first-time viewers describe it as a “new species” of TV show.

First Season Ratings/Rankings

Gandang Gabi Vice’s first season premiered with its pilot episode on May 22, 2011, debuting with a healthy 21.9% rating from television viewers all over the Philippines. And most of all, in spite of its late prime time schedule, it ranked third (behind the talent show Pilipinas Got Talent and the magazine show Rated K) for the highest television viewer ratings for a Sunday daytime and primetime television program!

Second Season & Beyond

Initially, GGV was slated to air just 13 episodes, with its planned last show taking place around February 19, 2012. But due to great feedback and endless demands for its renewal, the show earned a second season, and henceforth came the announcement that the supposed end was just the finale for its first season. Finally, fast forward to today, the show is alive and well and on its fifth season! And as of the 25th of December 2016, a grand total of 290 shows have aired!

Awards & Citations

Gandang Gabi Vice trended on Twitter during its first few months, consequently earning it bragging rights to its unofficial title o“Trending Capital of the Philippines”. Also, the show is a two-time nominee at the 2012 PMPC Star Awards for Television, one for “Best Celebrity & Showbiz-Oriented Talk Show”, and the other nomination for “Best Celebrity & Showbiz-Oriented Talk Show Host”, which Vice Ganda won.

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