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TFC TV Patrol

Do you need to keep abreast with news from the Philippines? Or do you want to know the latest “tsismis” among the country’s marquee celebrities? Or perhaps you just want to see the latest fashion trends among the Philippine A-listers as well as the “masa”? Then perhaps the ABS-CBN TV program that could show you some of each of these is “TV Patrol”! Regularly appearing in the TFC Channel, you can look for it under the “Current Affairs” and/or “News” categories of your TFC subscription. Just search for TFC TV Patrol, which is accessible with most of our TFC Packages. You can then watch the show live or on-demandClick here for detailed and up-to-date information about each of our many TFC Packages.

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TV Patrol

TV Patrol

Genre: Current Affairs, News

About ABS-CBN/TFC “TV Patrol”

In the Philippines, “TV Patrol” is ABS-CBN’s longest-running, multi-awarded, Fillipino-language, de facto nationwide network news program. Envisioned as a “multi-channel” newscast, it airs nightly on local TV via Channel 2. It also broadcasts on radio via DZMM Radyo Patrol 630, and simultaneously through its cable channel complement, DZMM TeleRadyo. In the provinces, they can hear the newscast via ABS-CBN’s sister AM radio stations. In addition, a number of MOR (i.e., “My Only Radio”) stations across the nation also air it. Likewise, ABS-CBN’s international arm, TFC (i.e., The Filipino Channel), also broadcasts the show overseas.


TV Patrol traces its roots to the throes of the EDSA People Power Revolution, during 1986’s final quarter. Angelo Castro, Jr., the then-ABS-CBN News Manager, proposed the idea of a unique news program. The new show would replace the defunct “Balita Ngayon”, and backing his proposal were several ABS-CBN News executives. Consequently, on the first of March 1987, on the occasion of “Ang Pagbabalik ng Bituin”, a public variety program at the Luneta Park, ABS-CBN announced its launching.

Noli De Castro’s “Initial” Term (1987-2001)

And so TV Patrol débuted at six in the evening of the very next day! Co-presenting the show were Noli De Castro, Robert Arevalo, and Mel Tiangco. The latter two were Balita Ngayon’s last anchorpersons, while De Castro was a DZMM radio announcer. He would begin the premier telecast with his now-iconic greeting, “Magandang Gabi, Bayan!” Similarly, he closed it with “Maraming Salamat, Magandang Gabi, Bayan!”

The late Ernie Baron was one of the TV program’s dynamic segment anchors. He wowed viewers with his historical and scientific trivia, while also serving as the newscast’s Chief Meteorologist. Also, celebrity actress Angelique Lazo would first host the showbiz news segment “Star News”. And Noli De Castro would go on to characterize the show’s style as “Tabloid on the Air”. So not surprisingly, “Wanted” and “Lingkod Bayan: Ang Puso ng TV Patrol” (public service) became two of its more popular segments. Subsequently, “Wanted” became “Pulis Report”.

Comings & Goings

Frankie Evangelista would come on board on the first of June 1987 to replace the departing Robert Arevalo. The former would later become famous for his discussion segment “PULSO: Pangkalahatang Ugnayan Laan Sa Opinyon”. In 1989, ABS-CBN would commence international broadcasts to the islands of Saipan and Guam in the Pacific. And in 1994, TFC (i.e., The Filipino Channel) would be born. Consequently, TV Patrol would go on to become the first Filipino newscast to air overseas.

Ted Failon and Korina Sanchez would temporarily take over Frankie Evangelista’s and Mel Tiangco’s chairs in 1992. A year after, Christine Bersola, who would present “Star News” ‘til 1996, hopped aboard the show. Sanchez would eventually replace Tiangco in 1995, and she would also present the latter’s “Lingkod Bayan”. Gilbert Remulla would replace Evangelista and he would anchor the latter’s “PULSO: Pangkalahatang Ugnayan Laan Sa Opinyon”.

Solo "Anchorship": A First in Philippine Television

The year 1996 saw the TV program “experimenting” with a 30-minute airtime. And as a result, Noli De Castro would become the newscast’s sole anchorman on April 1. It became one of many “firsts” in Philippine television for the show. Along with the new “formatting”, also the first of many, came a new theme music and a swanking new logo. Henry Omaga-Diaz would come in to serve as the show’s substitute anchor. Likewise, Marc Logan came in too, becoming the amusing “narrator” of various features and trivial segments.

Valentine’s Day 2000 saw TV Patrol “simulcasting” over AM radio stations DXAB in Davao, DYAB in Cebu and DZMM in Manila. Noli De Castro would leave the newscast on the 23rd of February 2001 to vie for an “independent” seat in the Philippine Senate. That same month, Henry Omaga-Diaz would become the interim anchorman, assuming that role until the 2001 return of Korina Sanchez.

Korina Sanchez’s “Début” Term (2001-04)

Korina Sanchez, who earlier co-anchored the show from 1995 to '96, returned on March 12, 2001 to take the helm. Aljo Bendijo, a TV Patrol Southern Mindanao mainstay, would co-anchor the TV program. A “reformatting” (again, one of many) in 2002 saw Korina assigned to the news studio. Aljo, on the other hand, would serve his functions outside of the studio.

The 21st of April 2003 would usher in a “relaunch” (one of many, too) of TV Patrol’s studio set. This would bring about new graphics and theme music, a newsdesk, and a silhouetted Opening Billboard (i.e., OBB). After a number of co-anchorship reshufflings, Julius Babao would replace Bendijo and did his duties at Studio 7 within ABS-CBN’s building. The news studio would still serve as Korina Sanchez’s “station”.

The year 2004 would bring another “reformatting”, with the show launching a new slogan, “Subok na Maaasahan”. The reformatting would include an “expanded” set with a video wall, and Julius Babao would later join the news studio.

TV Patrol World (2004-10)

September 2004 would witness TV Patrol’s ratings starting to decline as it faced stiff competition from its archrival, the GMA Network. The latter would boast of their pristine early-evening news program, “24 Oras”. Consequently, ABS-CBN’s management decided that the TV program would need a fresh “relaunch” before 2004 ended. And so on November 22, 2004, the show did re-launch with the new name/title “TV Patrol World”. One of the new show’s objectives would be to give emphasis to stories from Pinoy communities around the world. Julius Babao, new face Karen Davila, and Ted Failon would serve as the new show’s main anchors. And Ernie Baron, Bernadette Sembrano (Davila’s colleague from their GMA days), and Phoemela Baranda and would handle the special segments. And as another “first”, they would do the “standing-up” style of news delivery.

Passing Away

The 23rd of January, 2006 brought some heartbreaking news as Ernie Baron would pass away due to Myocardial Infarction. But the equally-engaging Kim Atienza would replace him, the latter becoming the newscast’s resident weatherman and trivia font. The 8th of April 2005 would see the new show airing a Special Edition (“Paalam Ama Mula Sa Bayang Minahal Mo”) as a fitting climax to ABS-CBN’s feature presentation of Pope John Paul II’s burial. The all-afternoon live coverage would involve Karen Davila and Julius Babao, along with Lynda Jumilla, reporting from Vatican City. Henry Omaga-Diaz would likewise cover the Papal Memorial from Manila’s Luneta Park. And anchoring the program from Quezon City’s ABS-CBN Newscenter were Dong Puno and Korina Sanchez.

The 5th of June 2006 would see TV Patrol World again updating its graphics, logo design, OBB, and soundtrack. The “proven” news format of course still remained. January 2007 would witness the celebration of the TV program’s 20th Anniversary via the inauguration of “Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo!” It was an “extension” of “Citizen Patrol”, a citizen journalism-style segment geared towards the forthcoming midterm elections in 2007. The 25th of November 2007 saw ABS-CBN, in conjunction with Jesuit Communications, airing “TV Patrol: 20 Taon ng Pagpapatrol”. It was a documentary to commemorate the show’s 20th anniversary.

Great Reporting Even Under Fire

Just days after airing the documentary, the show’s November 29th, 2007 episode developed into a Special Edition of “News Patrol”. ABS-CBN would quickly put together a team that would report on events centering on the Manila Peninsula Siege. Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon would anchor the special coverage, which shocked millions of viewers as it aired the mutiny’s few remaining hours. It culminated with the capture of ABS-CBN’s anchorwoman/newscaster Ces Oreña-Drilon. As it turned out, the military had wrongly accused her of purportedly colluding with the rebellion’s Magdalo perpetrators. Consequently, the military briefly detained Oreña-Drilon, along with a number of foreign and local media personnel.

The 31st of March 2008 saw TV Patrol World again unveiling fresh segments, a new “set” and graphics, plus another OBB. Bernadette Sembrano would anchor “Hulog ng Langit”, one of the more notable segments. Some of the old ones have also been retained, albeit with some slight changes accompanying the new “look”. “Citizen Patrol” was an example of these subtly-altered “sub-shows” within the program.

A full year prior to the 2010 national elections, the TV program would again re-launch "Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo!" along with its new battle cry, “Ako Ang Simula!” , on the 11th of May, 2009.

Covering the Burial of EDSA’s Beloved Heroine

August 2009 saw the show airing one of its longest newscasts so far, starting at 6:30 PM and ending close to 9:00. Former Philippine President Maria Corazon “Cory” Aquino had passed away from Colorectal Cancer in the wee hours of the first of August. Consequently, TV Patrol World arranged to cover the arrival and burial of her remains at the Manila Memorial Park. And so Julius Babao, Korina Sanchez, and Ted Failon co-anchored the said August 5th event. Furthermore, aside from presenting ABS-CBN’s special newscast, two of them would end up doing “extra” work since morning.

"Salamat President Cory: Ang Huling Paalam" was the special broadcast’s fitting title. Also, Karen Davila would join Ces Oreña-Drilon and Henry Omaga-Diaz, alongside other reporters “assigned” to the Manila Memorial Park. The extended telecast and its accompanying events were one of the most-watched in Metro Manila as well as nationwide. And this was according to the media-centric market research firms AGB Nielsen Media Research Philippines and Kantar/TNS Philippines.

Fast Forward to Today: The De Castro, Failon, and Sembrano “Era”

“Kabayan” Noli De Castro actually became a Senator in 2001 and he eventually became the country’s 12th Vice President under the Presidency of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from 2004 until 2010. But he had decided that after his political “stints”, he would want to return to his broadcasting roots. And so, on the third of November 2010, ABS-CBN welcomed him back and announced his return, along with that of Korina Sanchez. The pair would join Ted Failon, and they would in time replace Julius Babao and Karen Davila as TV Patrol’s Weeknight anchors.

To this day, De Castro and Failon are still with the show’s Weeknight Edition, but not Sanchez. The latter went on an indefinite leave sometime in 2015, in anticipation of her husband Manuel Araneta “Mar” Roxas’ impending campaign for the Presidency in the 2016 Elections.

And so around mid-2015, Bernadette Sembrano would become one of TV Patrol’s main weeknight anchors, replacing Korina Sanchez. An “update” of the TV program’s title card and OBB on August 3, 2015 would likewise affirm Sembrano’s promotion. Furthermore, Sembrano’s ascension marked her return to anchoring the show’s Weeknight Edition, after 4 years of anchoring its Weekend Edition. Earlier in 2014, when Korina Sanchez left to pursue her Masters at the Ateneo de Manila University, Sembrano and Ces Oreña-Drilon would also serve as substitute anchors for the national newscast’s Weeknight Edition.

Bernadette Sembrano would in the end join Ted Failon and Noli De Castro as the show’s 2015 Weeknight mainstays moving forward. And they still are, to this day…

Awards, Citations, & Nominations

Throughout its 2 decades of delivering fresh and timely news, TV Patrol, its anchors, and its reporters have amassed an enviable horde of local and national awards, nominations, and even some international recognition. Great examples of the latter are the International Emmy Awards, the New York Festivals, and the Asian TV Awards. As for national awards, during its maiden year, for example, the show won in the then-1st Star Awards for Television, organized formed by the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC). And the TV program’s anchor, Noli De Castro, also won that year’s Best Male News Anchor award.

Furthermore, Regional Editions of the show, alongside their respective news teams, would garner local and even national acclaim as well. Comprising these are the Catholic Mass Media Awards and the KBP Golden Dove Awards. The award-winning Regional Editions and regional news teams hail from such outfits as TV Patrol Northern Luzon, TV Patrol Central Visayas, TV Patrol Central Mindanao, TV Patrol Southern Mindanao, TV Patrol Iloilo, TV Patrol Negros, TV Patrol Palawan, TV Patrol Socsargen, and TV Patrol Tacloban. The ABS-CBN Corporate Annual Reports regularly documents all these awards, citations, and nominations.

So, are you now convinced that TV Patrol is the most authoritative, balanced, and wholesome “purveyor” of Philippine news and other such sundry “tidbits” as “tsismis” and fashion trends? If so, what are you waiting for? Finalize your TFC subscription NOW, then grab that remote and don’t get left behind!