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TFC IPTV and Video on Demand (VOD) Explained

What is TFC IPTV

What is TFC IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV for short is a system through which TV services are delivered via your home internet connection, no more need for a satellite dish or a cable connection.

So, wherever you are, you can always watch your favorite Pinoy TV programs and channels provided that your Internet you have a strong connection using the TFC Set Top Box.

Enjoy the flexibility of having unlimited access to all your favorite ABS-CBN TELESERYES and watching your favorite stars in all of their ABS-CBN Teleseryes.

Connect TFC to the Internet
  • All shows are always fresh and updated within 4 to 5 hours of airing from Manila.
  • Less intrusive advertisements.
  • Added convenience of DVD/VCR capabilities, this allows you to play, pause, fast forward and rewind.

What is TFC Video on Demand

No more moments of missing out on your most watched Kapamilya Pinoy TV shows, movies, and more. Witness every bit of drama, experience every piece of the action the TFC programs have to offered with TFC On Demand. All of this made available through broadband internet.

ABS-CBN TFC IPTV Video on Demand serves as a new approach to enjoying your favorite ABS-CBN programs, films, etc. at your most convenient time. Get an access to the previous and the most recent episodes with a click. You can even replay, rewind or fast-forward the scenes should you want to. You are the primary controller of your TFC IPTV Video on Demand.  Enjoy its flexible unlimited access to of the popular ABS-CBN Pinoy teleseryes and watch your favorite actors and actresses in their respective teleseryes.

It requires a minimum of 2 MBPS download internet speed. The TFC IPTV Set Top Box is considered a plug and play product that is easy to install.  The set-up box has a lifetime warranty covering damage caused by flood, fire and other forms of natural disasters. But the warranty coverage does not include damaged caused by improper use, incorrect installation, repair, accidents or incorrect installation.

TFC IPTV on Demand Benefits

  • Rest assured that all the ABS-CBN shows are always fresh since they are added to Video On Demand within 4-5 hours of broadcasting from Manila.
  • Less intrusion of advertisements
  • Additional convenience of the capabilities of DVD/VCR, allowing you to fast-forward, play, rewind, and pause whenever you want.
  • Your Programs are always available using Video on Demand
    • ABS-CBN TV shows, which are aired once in a week, are being held for three months.
    • TFC teleseryes are held for 30 days after the episode is aired.
    • Daily shows such as the TV patrol ABS-CBN are held from 12-14 days.
Connect TFC to the Internet